Vision Statement

“At Kirkland we are people redeemed by Christ’s blood, who seek to worship God reverently in truth, who glorify God through our unconditional love, caring and service of one-another. We are growing in knowledge of truth and in joy and commitment, sharing our hope with others so that God’s light is reflected in our lives thus shining in a dark world.”

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Special Event October 21st: Jesus, Peter, and the Rock

Please join us Sunday, October 21st, for a special worship service to hear a message about "Jesus, Peter, and the Rock", where you'll learn how to better understand Matthew 16:18-20 and the true rock. This is a free worship service exalting Jesus as the Son of God and head of the church, and all are invited to attend.  

Date:  Sunday, October 21st

Time: 10:30AM

Where: Kirkland Church of Christ

Location: 110421 NE 140th St, Kirkland  (click here for directions)

Speaker Bio: Evangelist Brent Hunter will bring this special message.  Click here for more information about Mr. Hunter.

Additional Event Information:

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Big Picture Notification

We've updated and published our website as a tool for presenting “The Big Picture of the Bible"Please take a look at this amazing evangelistic tool and set of materials.  There's one for SEEKERS, one for SOUL-WINNERS, and one for E-TEAM.  

Sermon and Class Recordings

You will find audio recordings of our sermons and classes along with associated interactive outlines and presentation documents on the right side of this page under Recent Sermons section.  Click on specific lessons listed or click on the Recent Sermons heading for even more lessons.

The Big Picture section of our site is live!  Go check out the great materials and tools availabe for winning souls!  We even have an online Big Picture Correspondence Course!