Big Picture Flip Chart

Here is information on how to make hard copy flip charts of the "Big Picture of the Bible" for your use in sharing.  


You can print out the pdf version as is.  You can use your own copier or printer of course, or take it to a print shop.  Since these are double-sided, have them cut in half, and collated at the top with a binding of some sort.  I usually have them add a vinyl or plastic cover on the front and a hard piece of cardboard on the back to add stability. A thick bond of paper is also best.  Please make sure you only print them one one side, not double sided!


Be aware that the cost of these in color are quite expensive.  Doing these in black and white are much more affordable.  After one demonstrates that they are going to use the flip charts on a regular basis, a nice color one is recommended to have and to keep in one's Bible.  However, I recommend for initial training purposes you produce them in black and white to save money.  The color usually runs about $20.00 while the black and white ones are about $9.00 to $10.00 a piece.  


Many people are afraid that the "cliff notes" at the bottom of the pages will distract the listener.  Trust me, if you know the material well enough so that you are not too dependent upon the notes, have good eye contact, and keep the presentation moving, the notes will not be a problem.  You can use the notes to help to learn the material, and continue to use that same version when you share with others.


By the way, be advised that Ken Craig's "Big Picture of the Bible" booklet, his PowerPoint slides, and the flip chart version without notes available from Deward are copyrighted. Ken has given me permission to use the flip chart with notes version only until a final version is approved.  At that point it will be available from DeWard publications at a resonable price.  When that comes to fruition I will post the availability of them on the Kirkland website. All of these tools are made available to be used by soul winners everywhere to the glory of God!


As alluded to earlier, there are two sets of flip charts to choose from: one without notes and one with notes.  I added the "cliff notes of sorts" underneath each picture to make them easier to learn and to share.  Currently they can be easily printed out from a pdf file.  I recommend that congregations use these flip versions for the members to use in their training.  Color copies at FEDX cost about $20.00 a piece.  The black and white versions can usually be done for $8.00 or $9.00 a piece and work fine, especially as a simple tool for learning.  One of our deacons, Bret Bader, has his own printing company and he has a master copy on hand.  Until the flip charts with notes become available from Deward Publishing, you may want to contact Brett.  Brett in the past has been willing to print these at his cost, as his time allows.  I cannot speak for him, but if you wish to inquire Brett's email is:

Thanks again for your interest and God bless you in your soul winning efforts!