Big Picture Testimonials

“The Big Picture of the Bible”
By:   Krissy Bottomley Oster

On  Thursday night,   January 31, 2013, I had the absolute blessing of submitting my life to Christ. With the help of Jesus pulling at my heart strings and a dear friend’s love for me, I was baptized!

Before I made my first public display of obedience to God, I was welcomed into the beautiful home of Brent and Gail Hunter. Surrounded by strangers who quickly became my church family, I was taught “The Big Picture.”

It only took fifty five minutes, and my whole purpose in life was changed forever. The Big Picture is truly genius! I personally had little bible knowledge but I desired to know more about coming to Christ and what the Holy Bible is really all about. I wanted to understand it, know it and apply it to my life, but when I opened the bible, I was often confused by the language and misunderstood what the messages were telling me. However, The Big Picture, explained all the key main points of what the truth is.  As we flipped through each page and read out loud, with each sentence, I began to understand. We were not even half way through The Big Picture and the “light bulb” came on and I finally had my “Awe Ha” moment! The way this book is so brilliantly and beautifully illustrated, made me completely understand just exactly the five W’s: Who, What, Where, Why and When of the Bible. The Big Picture lesson is told in such a simple way but with such a profound impact on my life. I never lost interest. I was like a sponge absorbing every bit of each illustration and each word on the page. I didn’t even realize that I had finished the lesson in less than an hour. I’m living proof that when you keep things simple, short and sweet, like The Big Picture, the message that is taught to you is going to have an everlasting impact within you.

I’m truly grateful to Brent and those who cared enough to share “The  Big Picture” message to me.  I didn’t think I could ever hear about the Bible’s truth in such an incredible way!


“The Big Picture”
By Ashley Knox.   Baptized: April 18, 2013

The “Big Picture of the Bible” was a wonderful experience for me, not only did it give me a renewed look at Jesus, but it was also a very enlightening look at salvation. Brent was able to convey a certain tone when translating the story for me that expressed how complicated the Lord’s love is for us and also how simple our choice for salvation can be. I learned so much and began to have a hunger for learning about the Bible. It is remarkable that I did not know about how important my salvation was because I was a “lost” soul my whole life growing up, until I met my husband.

“The Big Picture of the  Bible” does a great job of depicting God’s love for us, the importance of our salvation and the importance and role of baptism. I have felt more fellowship, conscience and safety since I chose to confess my sins, repent, get baptized at Johnson Ave. church of Christ, and I’m doing my best to learn and live faithfully!  I feel a natural sense of peace that I didn’t know was possible.  The Lord has to have blessed me greatly! 

Note:  Matt Knox, her husband, was also baptized into Christ after realizing that his baptism previously was not for the remission of sins.  They are now a family united in Christ!


by Shelly Bobb

I was so pleased to be invited to a presentation of, The Big Picture, at the Kirkland Church of Christ.  I thought I remembered most of the Bible clearly but it seems there was quite a bit that I had forgotten and maybe was never quite as clear on as I once thought.

The Big Picture contained so much great and factual information that was also then followed by analogies and/or examples in more layman's terms to make it easily relatable and understandable for all.

There were so many wonderful reminders and one that stuck out to me was so basic, but a good reminder none the less. It said something to be a fact that a parent has child and shares their love with them, in hopes, but not expecting, their love in return.  Same as us with God. 

I also learned a lot about different things from my past religion of Presbyterianism. When the discussion of baptisms came along in the presentation, I had always thought that I was a good proper Christian and certainly thought I had been baptized before, but I learned much more about baptism and the way it should be done via immersion. This really help me understand, so much so, that I was baptized immediately following, The Big Picture presentation!

I'm looking very forward to continuing my spiritual fellowship with the Kirkland church of Christ.