Winners Testimonials

Here are some testimonials of actual Soul Winners that have effectively used The Big Picture for winning souls.

Mariana Fisher

1.  It was simple and started exactly where I have started when I teach the young children's classes. I was amazed at the simplicity yet conciseness of presenting God's plan of salvation.

2.  There is a lot of material to cover but manageable with study and practice.

3.  The affirming power of my own faith each time I go through the presentation is indescribable. 

4.  I came  to a much deeper understanding of the price of sin, the meaning and purpose of animal blood sacrifices, more importantly the sacrifice Christ made for us and why baptism is so important.

5.  More importantly, this gives me a tool to set myself aside and simply present the gospel of our Lord and God to anyone who is willing.  It freed me from feeling responsible for "converting" anyone and allowed the Lord to simply use me as a tool to plant seed.  In that respect, it took much of the apprehension out of sharing the Good News. 

6.  I've really learned that it is very difficult for people to change and there are many different hearts out there.  I need to be more self examining of my own heart so The Lord can say of me, "She did all that she could". 

7.  It has definitely brought about a change in attitude for me!


Kathy Adams

My experience with the Big Picture of the Bible teaching tool began in April of 2013.  The PP presentation, flip chart, business cards,  and Ken Craig’s booklet,  were all made available. I found this method of reaching the lost was understand-able and relatively easy to learn.

For years I have tired to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers to hear the gospel at a church service, or attend a home Bible study with little success.  I learned the “Big Picture” presenta-tion and was eager to share it.  I presented the PP slide show from my laptop. The young college age women heard the message and two weeks later she was baptized into Christ!!  She is now faithfully attending services and attends a weekly class to help her as she grows in grace.  

I believe this is a scriptural way to teach the lost in a form that is comprehensive and in an easy to follow format.  I believe that any willing Christian can learn “The Big Picture of the Bible” and teach it to others.

I will never be the same again.  I finally have hope our congregation can grow. 

I am 72 years young!!


Nancy Radke

After taking the Big Picture course from Brent Hunter, I tried to get up the nerve to teach it.

What I love about the Big Picture is that after you get past the hump of asking them to have a Big Picture study and of getting   the spiritual journey, you are guided step by step through the presentation with the flip charts.

Our congregation was getting ready to start new ladies' classes and men's classes, and the ladies were interested in learning the Big Picture. The men decided they didn't want to be left behind, so they started a class on it, also.  Once they began role playing and presenting it to each other, they could see how simple it was to present.

I especially encourage the younger ages to learn this (high school/college) as their friends are in a state of change. I would like to see it taught in their Sunday morning classes, once the teachers are comfortable with teaching it. You could take one quarter and have classes, say for the men and older boys, the women and older girls. Families could practice on each other. There is no reason why we can't have this taught at those ages. If they don't feel like they could share it, they at least will know enough that they can answer questions about it.

I first taught the lesson to a couple, with Lori Hansen helping me. I have never had such an easy time teaching the gospel. We had them keep a pen and pad handy to write down any questions. They would note something down, then a few minutes later be scratching that question out. They asked to be baptized to become Christians and have their sins forgiven, even before we finished. This couple had both been immersed, but at first both thought they were saved before baptism and that baptism was optional. They made the comment that they had never had this information presented to them, and how much they felt they had learned.

We only had one hour with this family. Lori wondered if we should teach something else. My view was that we only had one shot, so this had better be it. It was easy to keep their interest.

I like that the Big Picture teaches the gospel. The concept of baptism is not brought in until page 50 and by then it is so clear it is not disputable. "Understanding the Big Picture of the gospel" does not sound threatening, and does not have the negative connotation that "baptism" has acquired.