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We're actively uploading new media and sermons to our website.  See a list below of the latest sermons and materials.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send us a note:


Date Title Speaker Type Series Service Files Play
10/16/16 Understanding and Overcoming Suffering -The Pressure of Adversity - Lessons from Job -- Part three Brent Hunter Invitation event N/A Sun AM 10-16-16_Sunday_AM_Sermon.mp3
10/14/16 Understanding and Overcoming Suffering - Answering the New Atheism - Part 2 Brent Hunter Invitation event N/A Invitation Event 10-14-16_Friday_Invitation_Event.mp3
10/13/16 Understanding and Overcoming Suffering-John 9 Part 1 Brent Hunter Invitation event N/A Sun AM BH_9-27-15_The_Problem_of_Human_Suffering.mp3 The_Problem_of_Human_Suffering_-_Interactive_Outline.pdf The_Problem_of_Human_Suffering.pdf
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