Lesson four: God's Redemption for Man



Examples of Man Needing God
1. 2 Kings 5:1-5; 9-14
Yes - No   Was Naaman able to cleanse his own leprosy?
     Yes -No    Could Naaman have been cleansed of his
                       leprosy if he went to the rivers of Damascus?
     Yes - No   If Naaman only dipped five times, would he
                       have been cleansed of his leprosy?
     Yes – No  Did Naaman have to do all that God

All Under Sin:
2. Romans 3:23
Yes - No   Is every person a sinner?
    Yes - No   Can man save himself?

3. Acts 10:1-5; 11:12-14
Yes - No    Was Cornelius saved by his goodness alone?
    Yes - No    Did Cornelius have to hear the words whereby he
                      and his household could be saved?

God’s Plan to Save Man
4. John 3:16
Yes - No    Did God give up His Son to die for you and I?

5. Ephesians 1:7
Yes - No    Is it through Jesus’ blood that we have
    Yes - No   Is the forgiveness of sins included in this

6. Romans 1:16
Yes - No   Is the power of Salvation the Gospel of Jesus
    Yes - No   Did Paul say that you must believe this Gospel?

Man’s Acceptance to God’s Plan
7. Romans 10:17; John 20:30-31
Yes - No   Does faith come by hearing God’s Word?

8. John 8:24  (Go to step 1)
    Yes - No   Does God want you to believe in Jesus?
    Yes - No   Can you enter heaven if you do not believe in

   9. John 14:15  (Go to step 2)
       Yes –No   In addition to belief in Christ does, God want
                         you to love Him?

10. Luke 13:3; Acts 17:30  (Go to step 3)
      Yes - No   In addition to belief and love, is it God’s will
                        that you repent?
      Yes - No   Does God command man to repent?

11. Matthew 21:28-31
What did the young man do when he repented?

12. Matthew 10:32-33  (Go to step 4)
      Yes - No    In addition to one’s belief, love and
                         repentance, does God want you to confess
                         Christ before men?

13. Romans 10:9-10
Yes - No   Will you be saved if you do not confess
                        Jesus with your mouth before men?

14. Acts 8:36-38
The eunuch did not confess his sins. What did he confess?

15. Mark 16:15-16  (Go to step 5)
       Yes - No   Is it Jesus’ command that we believe and be
                         baptized in order to be saved?
       Yes - No   In addition to one’s believing, loving,
                         repenting, and confessing does God want  
                         you to be baptized?

16. Acts 2:37-47; 22:16
Yes - No    Did these sinners obey the commands of
                          repenting and being baptized?
       Yes - No    When they were baptized, were their sins
  THOUGHT QUESTION: What is the purpose of baptism?

17. Ephesians 4:4-6
Yes - No   Is there more than one valid baptism in God’s

18. Acts 8:35-39
Yes - No   Did the eunuch ask to be baptized in water?
      Yes - No   Did both Philip and the eunuch go down into
                        the water and come up out of the water?
      Yes - No  Was water poured or sprinkled on the
19. Romans 6:3-7; Colossians 2:12-13
Yes - No   Was Paul buried (baptized) in the same way as
                        the eunuch in Acts 8:35-39

20. Acts 22:16
Yes - No   Did Ananias command Paul to be baptized

21. Acts 16:33, 25
Yes - No   Was the jailor baptized the same hour that he
                        was taught the truth?

22.  2 Corinthians 6:2
When should you obey the will of God?


23. Colossians 3:17 (Go back to our religious life, Lesson 1)
       Yes - No   In addition to our believing, loving, repenting
                        confessing Christ and being baptized, is it
                        God’s will that you do everything in the "name
                        of the Lord" (by His authority)?

Step 5

                  The Forgiveness of Sins  


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Lesson 4

God’s Plan for Man


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